Di Maria’s Decisive Strike Extends Argentina’s Winning Streak to Four

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In a tightly contested friendly, Angel Di Maria’s first-half goal was enough to secure a 1-0 victory for Argentina over Ecuador, extending their winning streak to four games. The win marks yet another high point for Argentina, who continue to build momentum with solid performances. For Ecuador, however, this result compounds their recent struggles, as they suffer consecutive losses following a previous defeat to Italy in March.

The match started with a promising opportunity for Argentina in the 19th minute. Di Maria found himself in a prime position in front of the box and delivered a well-placed lob into the area, targeting Montiel. However, Ecuadorian goalkeeper Hernan Galindez was quick to react, intercepting the ball to thwart the Argentine attack. This early chance set the tone for Argentina’s offensive persistence.

Argentina’s breakthrough came in the 40th minute when Di Maria finally breached Galindez’s defense. The play was orchestrated by Rodrigo de Paul, who passed the ball to Romero at the edge of the box. Romero then skillfully turned to set up Di Maria. With his first touch, Di Maria controlled the ball and with his second, he stylishly finished, putting Argentina ahead. Just minutes later, Di Maria nearly doubled the lead with a free-kick that struck the goalpost, narrowly missing another spectacular goal.

The second half saw the much-anticipated appearance of Lionel Messi, who replaced the goalscorer Di Maria in the 56th minute. Messi’s entrance was met with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, eager to see their star in action. Despite his efforts to set up teammates and create scoring opportunities, the match ended with Di Maria’s solitary goal as the decisive moment. Argentina’s solid defense and cohesive play ensured that Ecuador was unable to find an equalizer, securing a well-earned victory for the Albiceleste.