Fernando Diniz Departs Brazil’s National Team: Filipe Luís, Dorival Jr Eyed for Brazil’s Football Rebirth

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The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced the departure of Coach Fernando Diniz from the helm of the Brazil national team, ending his tenure despite initially stepping in on an interim basis. With a one-year contract, Diniz led the team through six games in the 2026 World Cup qualifying round, securing two wins, one draw, and three defeats. While balancing his national duties, Diniz also achieved success with Fluminense, notably clinching the Copa Libertadores title last year.

Expressing gratitude for Diniz’s dedication and earnest efforts to revamp the national team, the CBF conveyed their appreciation while acknowledging the need for a change due to the team’s performance. President Ednaldo Rodrigues, reinstated at the helm of the CBF, has set his sights on appointing a new permanent coach to prepare for the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Despite initial pursuits of Carlo Ancelotti, who opted to extend his contract with Real Madrid, sources indicate that Rodrigues favors Dorival Jr as the prospective leader for Brazil’s national team. Talks have commenced between Rodrigues and Julio Casares, the president of Sao Paulo, in hopes of swiftly securing Dorival Jr’s services, emphasizing the urgency due to the impending start of the season.

This decision marks a pivotal moment for Brazilian football as the CBF seeks to recalibrate and elevate the team’s performance trajectory under new leadership. Rodrigues is determined to solidify the coaching staff, with plans to appoint Filipe Luís as the team’s coordinator, signaling an earnest pursuit of a fresh direction for Brazil’s footballing aspirations.