Frank Leboeuf Slams Cristiano Ronaldo Over Saudi League Comments

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Former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf has strongly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for his recent comments comparing the competitiveness of the Saudi Pro League to Ligue 1. Ronaldo, who joined Al-Nassr in December 2022, has asserted that the Saudi league rivals the French top-flight in terms of competitiveness. However, Leboeuf, speaking to Bet Victor, expressed his annoyance at Ronaldo’s remarks, labeling them as unfair to Ligue 1.

Leboeuf questioned Ronaldo’s motives behind targeting Ligue 1 specifically, suggesting it might be due to Lionel Messi’s recent move to the French league. He emphasized that while Ronaldo’s achievements in football are commendable, his comments about Ligue 1 lacked merit. Leboeuf also took a subtle dig at Ronaldo’s decision to play in the Saudi Pro League, hinting at the financial aspect of the move.

“It annoys me when I hear Cristiano Ronaldo saying that the Saudi Pro League is better than Ligue 1. Why do you think he chose to make that comment about Ligue 1 rather than the Portuguese League?,” Leboeuf said. “It’s because Lionel Messi played in Ligue 1. I have lots of respect for him as a player but come on, just shut up! It is unfair to Ligue 1,” he added.

Despite his criticism, Leboeuf acknowledged Ronaldo’s impact on the sport and thanked him for elevating football to new heights. However, he suggested that every player has a limit, hinting that Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia might be indicative of nearing the end of his illustrious career. Leboeuf concluded by expressing his belief that Portugal could win the Euros but hinted that Ronaldo’s absence might be beneficial for the team’s chances.