Rodrigo De Paul on National Team, Copa America, and Ángel Di María

Rodrigo De Paul on National Team and Copa America

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Rodrigo De Paul has arrived in Argentina to join the national team for their upcoming friendly matches against Ecuador and Guatemala. Speaking to the media upon his arrival, De Paul expressed the team’s determination and high expectations as they prepare for future challenges. “Expectations are always high. We have to defend what we have done. Since we are the last champions, everyone will want to beat us. We are prepared to face all that,” he stated, highlighting the pressure that comes with being the reigning champions.

The Argentine midfielder emphasized the team’s status as favorites, noting their recent triumphs and the presence of Lionel Messi. “We know we are one of the favorites because we are the last World champions and Copa America champions, and because we have Leo (Messi). We are preparing as if it were the first time. We are very excited to bring joy again,” De Paul remarked, underscoring their commitment to maintaining their top form and delivering happiness to their fans once more.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Copa America, De Paul touched on the significance of the tournament for Ángel Di María, who will be participating in his final competition with the national team. “It is always special for me and for everyone to share with this kind of players. Fide (Ángel Di María) is a friend. We are going to enjoy it a lot. Hopefully everything will go the way he and all of us want it to,” De Paul commented, reflecting on the importance of cherishing moments with such esteemed teammates.

De Paul also recognized the autonomy veteran players like Di María have earned over their careers. “They are players who have earned the power to decide how long they want to play and how long they want to play,” he added, acknowledging the respect and admiration these seasoned players command within the team. As Argentina gears up for the upcoming matches and the Copa America, De Paul’s words capture the blend of excitement, respect, and responsibility driving the national team forward.