Video : Antonela Roccuzzo’s Star-Studded Birthday Bash in Miami

Antonela Roccuzzo’s Star-Studded Birthday Bash in Miami

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Antonela Roccuzzo, the wife of Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi, has been reveling in a belated birthday bash filled with joyous celebrations in Miami. The couple, who made the move to Florida in 2023, have been relishing their time both on and off the field in the United States. Surrounded by familiar faces from their Barcelona days, including close friends like Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba, Antonela’s birthday festivities were a reunion of sorts, bringing together cherished companions.

Turning 36 on February 26, Antonela was treated to a grand affair, complete with a towering cake adorned with feathers and adorned with family photographs. Among the guests was Suarez, who has remained a steadfast friend of Messi’s over the years. The presence of familiar faces added to the warmth of the occasion, as the group celebrated amidst laughter and music.

One highlight of the evening was the performance by Argentine DJ Bizarrap, whose beats kept the party alive well into the night. As the music filled the air, Antonela and Messi were seen enjoying each other’s company, surrounded by their loved ones. It was a moment of pure happiness, a chance for Antonela to bask in the love and affection of those closest to her, in the vibrant atmosphere of Miami.

The event served as a testament to the enduring friendships and bonds that the Messi family has cultivated over the years, transcending borders and leagues. With each passing year, their circle only seems to grow stronger, and as Antonela blew out the candles on her extravagant cake, it was clear that she was surrounded by the love and support of an extended family, wherever they may be.