Former Superstar Empathizes with Ronaldo, Criticizes BBC for “Misstiano Penaldo” Remark

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Former England captain John Terry has publicly criticized the BBC’s coverage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed penalty against Slovenia, calling it a “disgrace.” The 39-year-old Portuguese star had his spot-kick saved by Slovenia’s Jan Oblak during extra-time of their Euro 2024 round of 16 clash. Despite the initial setback, Ronaldo managed to regain his composure and successfully converted in the subsequent shootout, leading his team to victory. However, the BBC’s caption “Misstiano Penaldo” during their analysis of the incident drew sharp criticism from Terry, who expressed his disapproval on Instagram.

The incident resonated with Terry, who has his own history of high-profile penalty misses, notably in the 2008 Champions League final. Reflecting on his own experience, Terry empathized with Ronaldo’s emotional reaction. After the game, Ronaldo acknowledged his mixed feelings of sadness and joy, expressing gratitude for his team’s progress despite his missed opportunity. He praised his teammates and the goalkeeper for their efforts, acknowledging the emotional weight of the moment and the collective achievement of advancing in the tournament.

In a related story, Ronaldo’s Portugal teammate Bernardo Silva playfully nicknamed Bruno Fernandes “Penandes” after their dramatic win over Slovenia. Following the tension-filled match that saw Portugal secure their place in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals, Silva posted a photo on Instagram with Fernandes, referring to him as a “penalty professor.” Fernandes, who has a reputation for being a reliable penalty taker, lived up to his nickname by calmly scoring his spot-kick during the shootout.

Fernandes, who has been humorously dubbed “Penandes” by fans due to his proficiency from the penalty spot, took Silva’s jest in stride, responding with his own playful twist. The camaraderie between the Portuguese teammates highlighted the lighter side of the intense competition, showcasing their unity and mutual respect. Together, these incidents underscore the emotional highs and lows of football, the pressures faced by players, and the supportive bonds that help them navigate their careers.