“He is an animal” Rodrigo De Paul praises Argentine star

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In a recent interview on AFA Estudio, Alexis Mac Allister lauded the exceptional performance of Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, emphasizing his critical role in Argentina’s national team. Mac Allister, who successfully converted a penalty in Argentina’s win against Ecuador in the Copa America, described Martínez as an “animal” both on and off the field. His remarkable abilities and charismatic presence provide the team with a unique sense of calm and confidence.

Martínez’s prowess was on full display during the match as he made two crucial saves, significantly easing the pressure on his teammates. “When you go to kick thinking that you have to score, it is different from when we were in the situation we were in after the two penalties he took,” Mac Allister explained. He highlighted how Martínez’s assurances of saving one or two penalties before each round instill a sense of peace among the players, allowing them to perform under less stress.

The sentiment was echoed by Rodrigo De Paul, who succinctly captured the essence of the Argentine team’s resilience and Martínez’s impact. “We were born to suffer. We have an animal in goal,” De Paul stated, underscoring the goalkeeper’s pivotal role in their success. Martínez’s ability to perform under immense pressure has not only bolstered the team’s defense but also fortified their mental toughness.

Martínez’s consistent excellence has been a cornerstone for Argentina, as evidenced by his performances over time. His presence in goal brings a crucial psychological advantage, transforming the team’s approach to high-stakes moments. As the Copa America progresses, Argentina’s hopes continue to be buoyed by Martínez’s formidable skill and unwavering confidence.