Rodrigo De Paul Reflects on Dybala’s Exclusion and Scaloni’s Merit-Based Approach

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Rodrigo De Paul recently addressed the absence of Paulo Dybala from the Argentina national team roster for the upcoming June friendly matches and the provisional squad for the Copa America. In a candid interview with Germán Carrara, De Paul shed light on the competitive nature of securing a spot on the team, particularly under the guidance of coach Lionel Scaloni. De Paul emphasized Scaloni’s transparent approach since taking charge of the team.

“Scaloni was always clear with us from the first moment,” he stated. “After being World champions he told us: ‘Here, there is only one that has his spot guaranteed and that’s the number 10 (Lionel Messi). The rest of us all fight and try to do the best in our teams to be here.'” This philosophy underscores the merit-based selection process that Scaloni has instilled, ensuring that every player must continually prove their worth. Expressing his personal feelings about Dybala’s exclusion, De Paul admitted that it was a difficult reality to accept.

“Obviously, Paulo not being here is a hard blow because he is my friend and I love him,” De Paul confessed. This sentiment highlights the close-knit relationships and camaraderie within the squad, where personal bonds sometimes clash with professional decisions. Despite the disappointment, De Paul remains optimistic about Dybala’s future with the national team.

He conveyed confidence that Dybala’s talent and hard work would not go unnoticed by Scaloni. “He also knows that he’s part of this and if things go well, his name will also be there because we all contribute our grain of sand,” De Paul remarked. This hopeful perspective reflects the collective spirit and determination within the team, ensuring that every player remains motivated to contribute to Argentina’s ongoing success.